Hardened Adventurers
Hardened Adventurers
I mentioned earlier in the week that I was going to purchase some models from Casting Room Miniatures to make an ‘In Her Majesty’s Name’ crew.

It had taken quite a while for me to decide which models I wanted to do this with but when I saw the Victorian range from Casting Room Miniatures I was really taken with them, especially the policemen and gentlemen and thought I could build a nicely themed team from these.

They have a great range of historical miniatures from Ancient Hittites to Victorians (some are very tongue in cheek) and have a Fantasy range, which would be great for Frostgrave.

So on Monday I placed my order, taking advantage of their free postage offer which runs worldwide for the rest of 2015, asking for a sample (they threw in two miniatures – will have to check the website to see what they are) and having a really nice reply from them. The order arrived first thing Wednesday morning which was really good to begin with.

I will add pics to the post when I get them primed and keep you up to date with painting progress.

originally posted in 2015

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