Indomitus Captain
Indomitus Captain
I was almost out, almost gone after just under 30 years playing various armies.

Then, Indomitus!

The sculpts for both armies are just stunning and I was watching the leaks and previews I got really excited about the game for the first time in years, possibly decades.

I’m still selling off all the old stuff from the various projects I’ve built up since the late 80s. Drukhari, Orks, Tau, Death Guard, Blood Angels, and I’m just going to concentrate on three armies, all built and painted from scratch, and just keep these armies and play what I want when I want and not bother with metas, etc.

I sometimes think that’s been part of the problem in building armies, I’ve bought and traded for stuff that’s already been built and often part painted and rarely to how I want them so it’s always felt piecemeal and a bit of a slog to get things together.

The other problem has been a bit of chasing the ‘hottness’, the new army, the best army, the winning army.

This time though I’m going with what I like and that will be a large Space Marine army of my own devising, my own chapter so I can try out the different chapter tactics and rules, and mainly Primaris marines as it was their Indomitus sculpts that really got me interested again. This will be my main army and will get the most love to beging with so I can play different styles of Marines.

The other two armies are going to be one from the Xenos and one from the Chaos sections.

The Xenos army is going to be Necrons as I’ve always liked their fluff and the idea of ranks of terminatoresque models rank and filing over the battlefield really appealed to me, now with the expanded range and the demise of the green rod I’m really happy to be putting together a smaller contingent of those to begin with.

Finally the Chaos army is going to be Daemons of Khorne. Pure, uncluttered anger and fury. I usually played gun-line heavy armies and really fancied having a change up in the tool box. So I’ve just bought the Start Collecting box today, I know it’s not the best value but it gets a little core to build from and I’m so looking forward to getting the brass and red hordes ready.

I will be putting up army lists as I develop them, and doing a page for Age of Sigmar that will be very similar to this 😉

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