Lone Swordsman
Lone Swordsman
I was looking around for a proxy for Shen Long and his crew and was told to look at GCT Studios Bushido models as they may have something suitable for him and the peasants.

When I got there I was quite please and found loads of models that I can use for proxies for Malifaux, maybe even prefer them to the models from Wyrd, mainly due to the theme I want to run – slightly more oriental then steampunk.

The gallery below shows all the models I want and would like to use as proxies, will get the Wyrd ones to replace if needed but I like these.

The really good thing is that most of these models come from the Temple of Ro-Kan faction in Bushido so I can start spreading out into yet another game.

Update: the monkeys look really good painted up and can be used as proxies for quite a few small beasts in Malifaux, I’ve now also got a Tengu proxy from Bushido though not entirely happy with it.

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