18 March 2021 By PotentiallyLethal 0

Frostgrave Warband



I got the rulebook for Frostgrave a while back now and was immediately struck with how this was the way I always wanted to play Fantasy battles, small scale skirmishes using a D&D-type system for a campaign.

What took me longer was to figure out my Wizard and Warband.

I eventually settled on Inquisitor Coteaz and one of his Inquisitor Scribes from Warhammer 40K as my Wizard and Apprentice, and a group of Vikings from Gripping Beast’s Saga as the Warband.

The Wizard is going to be from the Chronomancer school but also he’s a bit butch as you can tell from his model 😉 so also a good hitter.

I love the flexibility of model choice this system gives and will be looking to start up a campaign for it in the local club, as there already seems to be good word of mouth going round the club but no one has seen the rules yet.

This Saturday these rules, along with other small system games, will be going in to try and encourage an expansion of horizons.

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