I had just recently got the rulebook for In Her Majesty’s Name after having it recommended by several people I play other skirmish games with.

Like all rulebooks published by Osprey Publishing it was well set out and the rules were very straightforward, also not a lot of rules to contradict each other or bog down play.

The other thing I really likes about the ruleset was that it didn’t tie you to one manufactures models, much like Frostgrave (more of which in another post).

So I then set out looking for models that made me want to play them as a group in this setting, and eventually found some miniatures by Casting Room Miniatures from their Victorian range.

I am going to build a band based around a few gentlemen adventurers that lead a group of armed policemen against the dastardly evil curs that abound in the era. Still to work out the stats and such but that seems to be part of the fun of the game.

Looking forward to receiving these miniatures and painting them, then really looking forward to putting them on a gaming table soon.

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