Not Azog...
Not Azog…
I wasn’t holding out much hope for the new Age of Sigmar starter box as it was bound to have Sigmarines and most likely a faction I don’t play, so the only interest I had in the end was just watching another quite good piece of content from Warhammer Community.

Wasn’t really that surprised by the Ultracasts once more, they do have to get constant love being the poster boys of the AoS franchise.

Then the reveal of the new orc Orruk line had me sitting forward immediately.

I love the Destruction lore but have always felt that the models were way too cartoony and were played for laughs, but this new leaner, sneakier, and meaner line is so much more LOTR.

The boss is even on a warg bog-hound, a magnificent steed, we have Azog holding a magnificent banner, but best of all the grots look better.

I wasn’t even thinking of a Destruction army as the cartoonish nature of the range just turned me off completely, but this new lot is magnificent and I’ll definitely be getting some of these.

Now to find someone that wants to split a box… (if the scalpers don’t get them all first).

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